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Lecture Series “Mereological Syntax”

Vortragende(r) David Adger
Institution(en) Queen Mary University of London
Datum 27.05.-30.05.2024; jeweils 14:00-16:00 Uhr
Uhrzeit 14:00 Uhr
Ort ZAS, Pariser Str. 1, 10719 Berlin; Room: Ilse-Zimmermann-Raum 0.32 (Ground floor)

We are very happy to announce that David Adger (Queen Mary) will visit the ZAS to give a lecture series on a brand new theory of syntax called  “Mereological Syntax”. Mereological Syntax argues that the set-theoretic basis for minimalist syntax that has been standard since the mid-1990s should be replaced with one based on mereological objects. The theory replaces the Merge operation of Minimalism with a new operation, Subjoin, which rather than gathering two objects into a set, makes one object part of another. He argues this solves problems with labelling and copies, and opens up a new perspective on successive cyclicity and island phenomena.

The four lectures are scheduled to take place on May 27 – 30 2024, starting at 14h sharp and until 16h:

May 27 -- Lecture 1: Sets vs Parts in Syntax: Subjoin

May 28 -- Lecture 2: Angular Locality, Successive Cyclicity and Linearization

May 29 -- Lecture 3: Tackling Islands I: Wh-Islands and Multiple Wh-constructions

May 30 -- Lecture 4: Tackling Islands II: Nominal Islands, Specificity and Subjecthood