Fundamentals of research on the phonetics and phonology of intonation

Vortragende(r) Amalia Arvaniti
Institution(en) University of Kent
Uhrzeit 11:00 Uhr
Ort 4. Etage, Raum 403 (Seminarraum)


In this day-long seminar, I will be covering essential  information researchers need to have in order to work on intonation. In the morning sessions, the seminar will cover practical aspects to do with phonetic measurements. In the afternoon sessions, the seminar with cover the fundamental tenets of the autosegmental-metrical (AM) model  of intonational phonology for those interested in ToBI-like annotation of data. Both the morning and afternoon sessions will start with lectures, followed by demonstrations, hands-on practice with data, and Q&A. Familiarity with Praat is expected, but extensive experience with intonation, though helpful, is not required.


9:30-10:45     What is intonation and how to measure it?

10:45-11:05    coffee break

11:05-12:30    Practical exercises using Praat

12:30-2:00     lunch break

2:00-3:15       How does AM work?

3:15-3.35        coffee break

3:35-5:00       Practice with annotation, and Q&A