Prof. Dr. Natalia Gagarina

Head of Research Area
Schützenstraße 18
10117 Berlin
Room: 404
Phone: +49 30 20192 506

Prof. Dr. Natalia Gagarina is Head of the Research Area 2 'Language Development & Multilingualism'. She has been an extraordinary professor at Humboldt University Berlin since September 2020 and visiting professor at Uppsala University since December 2017. At ZAS she is Principal Investigator of the following projects:

She is currently working with

  • Prof. Dr. Ewa Haman (U Warsaw), Multilingual Language Development and Assessment Lab (MultiLADA), on Macro- and microstructure of narrative discourse in Polish
  • Ilma Jazic (U Potsdam) and Alexandra Perovic (U College London) on the Project  Nominal morphology in bilingual speakers of Bosnian in Berlin
  • Dr. Svetlana Kapalková (Comenius U Bratislava) und Monika Nemcová (Comenius U Bratislava) within the MAIN Network on Online elicitation of oral narratives in Slovak-speaking children and adutls
  • Dr. Angel Cha (Hong Kong Polytechnic U) on Investigation of bilingual children‘s narrative discourse in Hong Kong and on Narrative abilities in ‘left-behind’ ethnic minority children in China: Evidence from Kam-Mandarin bilingual children with Dr. Wenchun Yang (Fritz-Thyssen Fellowship)

Her research focuses on monolingual and bilingual (a)typical language acquisition in the areas of lexicon, morphosyntax, discourse, as well as aspect and anaphors. In recent years, she has worked intensively on the macro- and microstructure of narratives and the development of language assessment methods for multilingual children.

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