Research Areas

In the four Research Areas (FB) of ZAS, central aspects of natural language are investigated: Laboratory Phonology (FB1), Language Development and Multilingualism (FB2), Syntax and Lexicon (FB3), and Semantics and Pragmatics (FB4). The Research Areas tackle theoretical questions, the findings from which are developed into socially applicable uses as well as services for science and universities. The four Research Areas of the ZAS are long-term organizational units that are defined by the scientific perspective they bring together and which each have a Head of Research Area.

Currently, scientists at ZAS are researching eight Research Themes, to which each of the four Research Areas contributes differently:

  • Meaning and cognition
  • Domains across linguistic modules
  • Multimodality, motion, production and perception
  • Social meaning
  • Language documentation & archiving
  • Language contact
  • Speech acts and perspective
  • Speaker’s choice and language use
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