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On the pages of the library you will find the library catalogue (WebOPAC), a list of journals and eBooks accessible within the institute, relevant links to databases, catalogues, specialist portals and corpora as well as a list of linguistic Open Access journals. A selection of Open Access tools and information is available to support the publication process.

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Research tools

Insights, which emerged from research at ZAS, are not only transferred into the non-academic society, but also into other research communities. Several projects resulted in the development of tools and data bases which can be used by external researchers to advance their own projects.

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Knowledge transfer on multilingualism

The transfer of knowledge from foundational research at ZAS on the topic of multilingualism is an important objective and is significantly driven by the research area Language Development & Multilingualism under the direction of Prof. Dr. Natalia Gagarina. Insights find their way to policymakers, practitioners, and parents as well as to scientists in other disciplines in a variety of ways.

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Knowledge transfer at ZAS is not limited to the practical fields, policy and economy, but it includes also measures that aim at the broader public and interested high school students. People are also invited to support our research through participating in our research studies or submitting own audio recordings using our App Plapper.

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