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Sociocultural and linguistic practices and needs of immigrant communities: the pandemic impact and post-pandemic recovery (Immigrants)

This research project aims at investigating the most pressing issues concerning the impact of COVID-19 on language practices among the large and vulnerable Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking populations in German society.
We use a synergy of sociolinguistic surveys and interviews, and grammatical analyses with Russian and Ukrainian immigrants who currently reside in Germany. The results of this project will provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by immigrant communities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and help develop strategies to enhance social cohesion and community resilience. 

The proposed research approach is novel and multidisciplinary, drawing upon sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and grounded in theoretical linguistics in order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing the immigrant communities under investigation. The results will be relevant to multiple research fields, including sociolinguistics, sociocultural psychology, bilingualism, and multilingualism.
This study will not only enhance theoretical knowledge but will also provide practical guidance. The acquired knowledge will be transferred to practice for members of the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking and immigrant communities, educational institutions and language information centers in Germany.