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Dr. Phil Howson

Senior Researcher (MSCA-Fellow)
Pariser Straße 1
10719 Berlin
Room: 1.27
Phone: +49 30 20192 426

Dr. Phil Howson is a senior researcher in the Research Area 1 'Laboratory Phonology' and he is a Marie Curie Fellow working on his project Multilingual acquisition and language preservation in Germany: the case of Upper and Lower Sorbian (MAG).

Dr. Howson works on Phonetics and Phonology. His primary interest is on acoustic and articulatory representation. He is interested in how representation impacts phonology and explains typological patterns we observe across languages. He is also interested in the acquisition of acoustic and articulatory representation in both an L1 and L2 setting. He engages in acoustic, articulatory, and perceptual research to better understand the nature of linguistic representation. He has a general interest in Slavic languages, having done research on Czech, Russian, and Sorbian. He is also interested in articulatory modelling, multilingualism, and psycholinguistics. 

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