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Internships at the ZAS are possible again from autumn 2023.

You want to do an internship with us?

The ZAS offers the possibility to complete study-related internships (compulsory internship) and school internships.

General information about internships

When can internships be completed?
The ZAS basically offers the possibility to do an internship at any time. The dates are arranged individually and depend on the capacities of the ZAS staff. Summer 2023 internships are not available at ZAS.

In which research area can internships be completed?
Individuals in internships are either assigned to a research area or project or rotate through different areas and tasks during the duration of their stay.

Are internships paid?
Unfortunately, internships cannot be paid.

How long do internships last?
Information about the duration of a study-accompanying mandatory internship will follow soon on this page. The duration of a school internship is a maximum of two weeks.

How to apply?
Applications can be sent by e-mail to Susanne Schroeder ( schroeder@leibniz-zas.de ) with the following documents and information:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae in table form
  • Degrees (e.g. BA, Abitur) as well as other existing certificates
  • Certificate of enrollment (for students)
  • Excerpt from current study results (for students)
  • Indication of the research area(s) in which the internship is to be carried out

Information on Erasmus and Erasmus+

Is it possible to come to the ZAS via the Erasmus program?
We cannot supervise Erasmus students at ZAS. In case you are interested, please apply one of the following universities in Berlin.

An Erasmus+ traineeship can be carried out at the ZAS. For this, please apply directly to the desired supervisor at ZAS with the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • concrete work plan for your project or experiment
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Degrees as well as other existing certificates