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Open Access at ZAS

Relevant information for Open Access publications of the ZAS

ZAS has ratified an own Open Access Policy (PDF) in 2017.

Open access refers to the unlimited and free access to quality-tested scientific information on the internet. Due to the lifting of technical, financial and legal barriers, open access contributes to accelerating scientific innovation and improving the visibility of research findings. Scientists are therefore supported in the research and publication processes, and the use of public funded research is maximized. As a member of the Leibniz Association, the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) is committed to open access. It thereby follows the „Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities“ and the „Open Access policy of the Leibniz Association“.

The fact sheet "Paper publishing options at ZAS", provided on the intranet, illustrates the Open Access publishing options, and provides guidance on the necessary procedures as well as cost information. If there are any questions or further information needed, the contact person for Open Access matters, Christina Beckmann, is available.

As part of the BMBF-funded collaborative project open-access.network, the online service oa.finder can be used to search for journals for open-access publishing.

Leibniz Association's Open Access Publishing Funds

The ZAS is entitled to receive funding from the Leibniz Association's Open Access Publishing Fund for journal articles and the Leibniz Association's Open Access Publishing Fund for monographs, provided that the eligibility criteria are met.

Agreements with publishers

Leibniz Consortium Taylor & Francis in 2021-2023: Free reading and publishing rights

Our participation in the consortium allows ZAS researchers  to publish all articles accepted from 2021 in open access free of charge. In addition, it includes free access to the content of the Taylor & Francis Journals from 1997 onwards.


  • Read and follow the information on this page.
  • When submitting a contribution, the email address must be provided with the ZAS domain, as this is required for identification purposes.
  • Wait until the library has approved the contribution in the library dashboard, as the workflow is then much easier than if authors have already signed a publishing agreement beforehand. The exact process as described in the PDF should be followed.
  • When signing the publishing agreement, select the CC-BY 4.0 license.

Submission instructions

  • The entry point for the submission process is the website of the journal in which the article is to be published. The button "Submit an article" takes authors to the submission portal for the respective journal.
  • On the respective journal pages, under "Instructions for authors", there is further information to be observed for the submission.

Information page on the Leibniz Consortium Taylor & Francis "Open access publishing for researchers at Leibniz Association institutes"

Step-by-step instructions for publishing at T&F: "How to publish your research"

Open Library of Humanities (OLH)

In March 2020 we joined the Open Library of Humanities' Library Partnership system. The OLH is an academic-led gold open-access publisher in the field of the humanities, including linguistics, with no author-facing charges. The organization consists of an international library consortium. The system of the OLH Library Partnership enables libraries to support an infrastructure instead of purchasing journals. OLH supports teams of editors who want to convert their journal to a Fair Open Access publication.

Language Science Press (LSP) via Knowledge Unlatched (KU)

We cooperate with the publisher Language Science Press (LSP) via the online platform Knowledge Unlatched, who offers free access to scholarly content. Language Science Press publishes high quality, peer reviewed Open Access books in the field of linguistics.

ZAS authors do not incur any costs with LSP. All titles are available to readers as PDFs free of charge. Information for interested authors, e.g. on workflow and submission procedures, can be found here.

In addition to the other supporting institutions, ZAS is listed on this page.

MIT Direct To Open

ZAS participates in the MIT Press Direct to Open (MIT D2O) initiative, a collaborative, library-supported model for open access monographs. Beginning in 2022, all new MIT Press scholarly monographs and edited volumes will be publicly available on the MIT Press Direct e-book platform. Costs will be recovered through recurring participation fees. Benefits of the model:

  • Access to the content of the "Humanities and Social Sciences Backlist" (even if the required number of participating libraries is not reached).
  • Access to the entire collection of more than 3,000 eBooks, with about 150 more added annually.
  •  Part of the MIT D2O model is that all monographs accepted by MIT Press are published without an open access fee.

DEAL-Publish-and-Read-Contracts with Springer Nature and Wiley

The DEAL-Springer Nature contract includes

  • Reading/access rights: Permanent access to the current volumes of the contract period of all approximately 1900 Springer journals and free reading access to the journal portfolio up to 1997 during the term of the contract.
  • Publication rights: Publication of open access publications in
    • around 2000 subscription journals. The open access option "Open Choice" offered must be confirmed.
    • around 440 gold open access journals including Scientific Reports and Nature Communications. 20% discount on APC in Springer OPEN and BMC journals (this does not apply to Scientific Reports and Nature Communications).
  • Period 2020 to 2023.

Eligible authors*: Authors with "corresponding author" status from eligible institutions (meaning authors who submit the manuscript to the publisher and are responsible for correspondence regarding the article).

For more information go to the DEAL Operations information page from MPDL Services GmbH (including journal list with APCs).

The DEAL-Wiley contract includes:

  • Reading/access rights: Permanent access to all Wiley journals (1600+) through 1997.
  • Publication rights:
    • Publication of open access articles in hybrid journals for Submitting Corresponding Authors. The offered Open Access option " Hybrid Open Access " must be confirmed.
    • 20% discount on Article Processing Charges (APC in Gold Open Access journals.
  • Period 2019 to 2023.

For more information go to the DEAL Operations information page from MPDL Services GmbH (including journal list with APCs).

Open Access Publications at ZAS

Journal articles and books can be found on the ZAS researchers' websites under Publications. Open Access publications are marked there with OA icons.

ZAS Papers in Linguistics (ZASPiL)

Also under Publications (here with filtering the series ZASPiL) you will find the ZASPiL, which is published by ZAS in Open Access. Only contributions by ZAS authors are listed there.

The complete issues of the journal starting with ZASPiL 14 (1999) can be found on the ZASPiL website at zaspil.leibniz-zas.de.

The realization of a website for the ZAS Papers in Linguistics (ZASPiL), published by our institute in Open Access, was done in close cooperation with the Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Linguistik on the basis of the software Open Journal Systems. The ZASPiL website can be found at zaspil.leibniz-zas.de. The journal is hosted - as a service of the FID - by the University Library Frankfurt am Main and archived via the Frankfurt Linguistik-Repository.

In addition to all articles from issues starting with ZASPiL 14 (1999), the website offers important information on the submission procedure, such as the checklist for article submissions, the guidelines for authors, the Author‘s Agreement, as well as a ZASPiL document template and a ZASPiL sample file.