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Dr. Stephanie Solt


  • Since 01.01.2020
    Principal Investigator of the DFG project A05 Modeling meaning-driven register variation within the framework of the CRC 1412 Register: Language-Users’ Knowledge of Situational-Functional Variation, ZAS, Berlin
  • 04/2016 - 12/2020
    Research associate, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin
    DFG-Project: Degree Attenuators: Attenuating polarity elements from the scalar range
  • 11/2012 - 03/2016
    Research associate, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS),
    DFG-Project: Scales and their Structures
  • 03/2012 - 10/2012
    Research associate, ILLC University of Amsterdam
    Project: Indefinites and Beyond
  • 01/2009 - 2/2012
    Research associate, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin
    Project: Vagueness, Approximation and Granularity (VAAG)
  • 2009
    Ph.D. in Linguistics, City University of New York (CUNY),
    "The Semantics of adjectives of quantity", Advisor: Professor William McClure
  • 2006 - 2008
    Lecturer in Linguistics, State University of New York at New Paltz (part-time)
  • 09/2001 - 12/2008
    CUNY Graduate Center, Study of Linguistics