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Marvin Schmitt

Doctoral Researcher
Schützenstraße 18
10117 Berlin
Room: 407
Phone: +49 30 20192 422

Marvin Schmitt is a doctoral researcher in the ERC funded project Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse (SPAGAD) / Research Area 4 'Semantics & Pragmatics'.

Marvin Schmitt's research focuses on formal semantics/pragmatics. In his dissertation he is investigating the meaning and use of the discourse particle okay in spoken German. For this purpose he combines conversation analysis and semantics/pragmatics both methodologically and theoretically. The investigation of okay will be modeled in a general formal model of speech act production and comprehension. The model builds on different formalisms (dynamic syntax, event calculus, constraint logic programming) and offers formalizations of essential conversation analytic concepts (e.g. adjacency pair, preference structure, turn-constructional unit).

He is generally interested in human interaction and the interpretation processes underlying it. Moreover, he enjoys doing math and logic.

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