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ZAS at the Berlin Corporate Run 2023 for the first time


The Leibniz Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS) took part in the Berlin company run for the first time this year. The institute was looking forward to running, walking, skating, unicycling or wheelchairing the 5.5 kilometre route through the city with other companies, schools, clubs and organisations. 

The route started at the Brandenburg Gate and led through various streets and bridges, past sights such as the Victory Column, back to the finish area on the Straße des 17. Although the sporting aspect was important, the main focus of the running event was to promote community and health. There was also a trophy for the winners.

The company run was a complete success for our athletes! Even though we didn't make it into the top three, our runners were fast and had a lot of fun! 

Further information can be found here!