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Evaluation of the ZAS completed successfully


The Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS) was successfully evaluated in November 2022. This was confirmed by the published statement of the Senate of the Leibniz Association on July, 4th. In it, the federal and state governments are recommended to fund the ZAS as an institution for research and scientific infrastructure for another seven years. 

The Senate of the Leibniz Association consistently rated the scientific work results and the research infrastructure as very good to excellent. It also positively emphasised that the results are increasingly being transferred into applications, especially for studying the language development of multilingual children, for language documentation or in the context of multimodality. Furthermore, the excellent and strategically clever networking and the good national and international visibility of the ZAS is highlighted.

The planned expansion of the ZAS by a fifth research area "Language and Speaker Diversity", and the accompanying strengthening of the research and archiving of small and endangered languages, is also strongly supported.  

Prof. Dr. Dr. Artemis Alexiadou, our Director, comments on the Senate's statement: "We are very pleased about the Senate's positive assessment and recommendation. The fact that we were able to convince the evaluation group and the Senate of the Leibniz Association of the quality and relevance of our work encourages us in the direction we have taken. We are also proud of our development, which was made possible within the Leibniz Association not least through cooperation with other Leibniz Institutes and thanks to the Leibniz Networks. We would like to thank all our supporters, especially the Leibniz Association, and we are confident and expectant about the future."

The full statement (only available in german) can be found on the Leibniz Association's website, as can information on the evaluation procedure.