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Jens Hopperdietzel successfully defended his thesis


Congratulations to Jens Philipp Hopperdietzel, who yesterday successfully defended his dissertation at the Humboldt University. Hopperdietzel started his dissertation "Resultatives. A view from Oceanic verb serialization" in the RUESHeL project at HU Berlin and completed it at ZAS.

In his thesis, Hopperdietzel investigates expressions of resultative predicates. In German for example, this is done, among other things, by combining adjectives and verbs such as fine-cut and flat-hammer. In the languages studied in this thesis however - especially Samoan and Daakaka (Vanuatu) - rather by combining verbal predicates. The dissertation is based on linguistic field research and experiments, but also on the documentation project on the languages of Ambrym in Vanuatu, which was conducted at ZAS in 2009 - 2013.  Hopperdietzel will continue his research at the University of Manchester.