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Linguistics Olympiad 2019

Honorable mention for the German team at the International Linguistics Olympiad!

The German national team brings home an honorable mention from Yongin, South Korea, where the 17th International Linguistics Olympiad took place. Congratulations and praise to Maja Sellmer from Berlin!

In view of the particularly high level this year and the renewed participation of Germany after a long break, this is already a success. This year there were 55 teams from 37 countries - the biggest Linguistic Olympiad ever! The overall results can be found here.

The pupils gave their best and had a lot of fun solving the tasks and partaking in other activities on offer in the Olympad - a new and very interesting experience for everyone!

Participation in the IOL was supported by the Strategy Funds of the Leibniz Association.

Next year, the Olympics will take place from 20 to 24 July in Ventspils, Latvia. We are already very excited to participate again!

Team Germany 2019 is set and is preparing for the International Linguistics Olympiad!


    Jacqueline Guitu, College St. Blasien, Baden-Wuerttemberg
    Maja Sellmer, Lessing Grammar School, Berlin
    Michał Boroń, Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium, Berlin
    Santina Kemper, Alexander S. Puschkin Grammar School Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg  

The pupils are accompanied by André Meinunger and Nathalie Topaj (members of the IOL leadership team at ZAS).

Results of the selection procedure

Next year a new selection will take place all over Germany - the dates will be announced in time.

Results of the final round
The 10 best pupils of the 2nd round took part in the final round on 24-25.05.19 in Berlin. First there was an intensive training for them, the next day they wrote a three-hour exam.The 4 best qualified for Team Germany 2019 and will travel to South Korea for the international Olympics at the end of July. Congratulations and good luck! Also other participants have shown a great performance - congratulations!

Results of the 2nd round
Second round is over. The 10 best pupils come to Berlin! Congratulations! This time at least 27 points out of 32 were necessary to reach the final round - a great performance from all participants!
The final round will take place on 24-25.05.19.

Results of the 1st round
110 people from 12 federal states took part in the 1st round. Thank you very much for your active participation! In the 2nd round, all those who received at least 13 out of 16 points in the test - 24 persons - made it to the second round. Congratulations!
Here you can see the Distribution of results.
The four participants from Team Germany at the International Linguistics Olympiad 2018 have automatically qualified for the 2nd round. Altogether there will be 28 pupils who will deal with the tasks of the 2nd round. We wish you much success!

Registration for the 1st round has started and is possible until the end of February.
Registration is complete. Many thanks to all participants! Further information will follow shortly.