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ZASx Talks: Phonetics & Phonology Series

Leibniz-ZASx Talks: Phonetics & Phonology Series is a series of guest lectures hosted by the group of Laboratory Phonology (FB1) at Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS). In this discussion forum, researchers around the world give talks on experimental phonetics and phonology. Themes for this workshop range from all areas including but not limited to articulatory gestures, multimodality, speech processing and perception, sociophonetics, and first and second language acquisition, as well as the application of language technologies in speech analysis and processing.

Talks of the invited speakers in 2022 will be completed continuously. You can click on links of the talk titles to view a small introduction of the talker and an abstract of the talk.

If possible, the lectures should always take place on the first Thursday of each month.

Past talks in 2020-2021 were organized by Aleksandra Ćwiek, Nasim Mahdinazhad Sardhaei, Ludgar Paschen, and Sarah Wesolek from Leibniz-ZAS FB1.