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Characterizing Human Language by Structural Complexity (CHLaSC)

This project investigates the structural complexity of human language and its significance for human nature. In particular, we look at possible relations between the ability to generate embedded structures and the cognitive ability of ascribing beliefs to others, which is called Theory of Mind. The project is funded by the European Commission and conducted by an multinational team from Britain (Tecumseh Fitch), The Netherlands (Angeliek van Hout), and Germany (Barbara Höhle, Manfred Krifka). The ZAS is the coordinating institution and conducts the semantic subproject. The project is completed, but publications from the project are still coming out.


Researchers at University Groningen, Netherlands

Bart Hollebrandse
Postdoc WP2

Angeliek van Hout
Local Manager WP2

Researchers at University of Manchester, UK

Eugenie Stapert
Ph.D. Student WP3, -01/2008

Jeanette Sakel
Postdoc WP3, -08/2007

Daniel Everett
Local Manager WP3, -2006

Researchers at University of St. Andrews, UK

Stephanie Braccini
Researcher, 03-06/2009

Tecumseh Fitch
Local Manager WP5

Shilpa Mody
Ph.D. Student WP5, 03-07/2009

Miguel Oliveira Jr.
Postdoc WP5, 12/2006-06/2009

Karen Stillman
Researcher, 10/2008-06/2009

Gesche Westphal-Fitch
Researcher WP5, 07/2007-06/2009

Researchers at University of Potsdam, Germany

Frauke Berger
Ph.D. Student WP4, -04/2007

Oda-Christina Brandt
Ph.D. Student WP4, 01/2007-09/2008

Tom Fritzsche
Ph.D. Student WP4

Barbara Höhle
Local Manager WP4

Silvana Poltrock
Ph.D. Student WP4, -09/2008