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SPAGAD 2: Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse (Virtual)

Organizer(s) Krifka, Manfred, Friederike Buch, Marvin Schmitt & Tue Trinh
Start of event 25.06.2020, 09.00 o'clock
End of event 27.06.2020, 15.00 o'clock
Venue Virtual


Speech acts, according to Searle, are the minimal units of human communication. Yet they rarely come in isolation but are related to the context and content of communication, and in turn change this context and content. A proper understanding of speech acts, as well as of communication, requires a close analysis of the ways how speech acts contribute to discourse, and how discourses are shaped by speech acts. In this workshop we will discuss theoretical proposals and empirical evidence that help to disentangle and clarify the nature of this relation between speech acts and discourse.

The workshop was planned as a regular workshop with poster session. Due to the Corona virus pandemic, it was first postponed, but now we carry out a reduced version online. We plan for a future workshop on a similar topic.

The workshop will be carried out via Zoom. In case you are interested, please register by sending an e-mail to Friederike Buch, buch@leibniz-zas.de, after which we will provide you with a Zoom link.

The indicated times refer to European Daylight Saving Time.

Talks will be moderated and should take about 30 – 40 minutes, with 10 – 20 minutes discussion.


Europe DST

Th June 25


Fr June 26


3 pm

Please log in around 15:30 for some small talk (sorry, no drinks provided)


Manfred Krifka



Marvin Schmitt, ZAS Berlin
Modelling understanding in commitment space semantics. First steps towards repairs and grounding


Anton Benz


4 pm

Asher, Nicholas & Julie Hunter, U Toulouse
How bias affects discourse interpretation (preliminary)

Ginzburg, Jonathan, U Paris 7
How many games can we play with language? 

5 pm

Friederike Buch, ZAS Berlin
Modifying SDRT in order to account for Speech Act Reference

Katja Jasinskaja, U Köln
Speech acts that support other speech acts






7 pm

Edgar Onea, U Graz
The interpretation of TOPIC

Marvin Schmitt

Regine Eckardt & Eva Csipak, U Konstanz
Honorification, evidential and questioning: Japanese desyoo-ka questions

Friederike Buch

8 pm

David Beaver, U Texas at Austin:
How to do things inside a sentence


Julian Schlöder, U Amsterdam
Rejection in the Conversation Game



see SPAGAD2 Workshop.pdf