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Uli Sauerland awarded with fellowship by the CNRS


Prof. Dr. Uli Sauerland, head of research area Semantics & Pragmatics, has been awarded the title of "fellow ambassador" by the CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research. We are delighted about the appreciation of his work!

Since 2023, the CNRS institutes have been inviting internationally renowned researchers from various disciplines to work as visiting scholars at one or more CNRS research institutes for at least one month per year for a period of three years. On the one hand, this instrument is intended to strengthen the international visibility of the CNRS, and on the other hand, the intensive exchange will stimulate the research of the laboratories in terms of content. It will also give young scientists the opportunity to network internationally.

The CNRS ("Centre National de la Scientifique") is a public, multidisciplinary research institution in France. With over 1100 laboratories in France and worldwide and around 33,000 employees, the CNRS is one of the largest research institutions in Europe. More information on the CNRS Fellow-Ambassador program can be found here.