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Congratulations, Dr Susanne Fuchs and colleagues, on the "Top Downloaded Article"!


Congratulations to Dr. Susanne Fuchs and her colleagues Tom Offrede and Prof. Christine Mooshammer (HU Berlin)! Their scientific article "LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS COMPASS. Multi-speaker experimental designs: Methodological considerations" was awarded "Top Downloaded Article" by the Wiley Online Library. 

The article offers methodological recommendations for studies of language use in natural settings with multiple speakers and covers topics such as speaker preparation and logistics, experimental tasks, data synchronisation and post-processing. It looks at different types of data such as sound and video recordings, brain waves, breathing and movements of the mouth and facial muscles. 

Dr. Susanne Fuchs is deputy director of the Leibniz Centre for General Linguistics and heads Research Area 1 'Laboratory Phonology'. She focuses on the biopsychosocial foundations of language and speech and their manifestations in human interactions. 

Further information can be found here!