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Dissertation by Fabienne Salfner on 'mäßig'-Adverbials published


Dr. Fabienne Salfner’s dissertation, entitled Semantik und Diskursstruktur. Die mäßig-Adverbiale im Deutschen, has now been published by Stauffenburg Verlag. Salfner examines ad hoc formations with -mäßig (as in Jobmäßig geht es Maria gut). Since the 1960s, moderate adverbials have been the subject of criticism from linguistic purists and have been interpreted as signs of progressive language decline. While other phenomena appear only for a short while as "fads" in general language use, word creations with -mäßig stubbornly remain. They are even growing in use and acceptance, and not only in oral language use. Obviously, they fulfil an essential function which this book analyses by taking into account morphological, syntactic, semantic and information-structural factors.