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100% position (or two 50% positions) for applied statistics/data science and research data management/open science


The Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS) is a non-university research institute in the state of Berlin, which is jointly funded by the federal and state governments; The sponsor is the Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren Berlin e.V. (GWZ). At the ZAS, the human capacity for language and its expression through individual languages is explored with the aim to gain a better understanding of the biological, cognitive, and social factors surrounding this central human ability. By exploring the structures of language, how they are acquired, and how they are processed, this knowledge can be applied to fields such as speech diagnostics or speech technology.

We have one opening in the areas of 1) applied statistics/data science and 2) research data management/open science for a limited period of two years. Applications for both areas together as a full-time position are just as welcome as applications for just one area as a 50% part-time position. Please send your application in PDF format with the following documents to bewerbung@leibniz-zas.de by April 15, 2024 (initial review) or until the position is filled:

1. a detailed application letter in English or German that shows how you correspond to the respective task description or task descriptions.

2. CV and relevant certificates (degrees, transcripts, letters of evaluation), and

3. up to three products of your own work that demonstrate your relevant skills.

The ZAS offers renumeration according to the TVöD Bund up to a maximum of E13, work in a highly motivated, international team, and a modern workplace at the new location in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, which opened in 2023 with the Spichernstrasse subway station in front. Employees also have access to an employer subsidy for a company pension schemes, 30 days of vacation per year plus two full days off on December 24th and 31st, a subsidy for the job ticket and opportunities for further training. We value diversity and welcome all applications – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion, disability, age, and gender orientation. Applications from severely disabled people will be given priority if they have the same qualifications. The ZAS is a certified family friendly employer and advocates for family-friendly working conditions. Our institute strives to maintain or increase the proportion of women in all areas of work and at all scientific levels to at least 50% and also to strengthen the staff diversity. Members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in academic or science support positions in Germany are particularly encouraged to apply.

By applying for the position, you agree to the specific storage/processing of personal data (Article 13 GDPR) for applicant selection (https://www.gwz-berlin.de/kontakt/datenschutz). A PGP key for secure email communication is available upon request.


Position STAT24: Task description for applied statistics / data science in linguistics (50%)

The approximately 50 scientific employees at the ZAS carry out a variety of linguistic studies. In currently around 40 such studies per year, quantitative data of various types (e.g. categorical, continuous and time series data) are collected, visualized in a meaningful way and analyzed using appropriate inferential statistical methods (published studies are linked on the ZAS website). To date, both frequentist and Bayesian views have been used at ZAS in conjunction with, for example, regression (including non-parametric and mixed-effects models), dimension reduction, and cluster analyses. At ZAS, the software R is primarily used for data visualization and statistics, but occasionally other open software such as Python is also used. Frequently used methods of data collection are via the Internet, in the four laboratories at ZAS, or in mobile use, e.g., in daycare centers and schools, and data extraction from existing collections.

For the position of statistician, we are looking for a person who wants to advance the use of quantitative methods in the many areas of linguistics at the ZAS. For this purpose, the person sought should be able to bring a wide range of statistical expertise to changing collaborations and provide statistical advice on many different linguistic research questions. The role should ideally cover all the following tasks, but at least the first three:

- Conception of an offer of broad statistical expertise to cover the needs of all relevant scientific teams at the ZAS

- Establishment of individual advisory services for ZAS scientists on questions of study preparation, statistics, and data visualization

- Organization and execution of internal training to improve ZAS scientists' knowledge of relevant standard statistical procedures and rules of good statistical practice

- Co-authorship of linguistic publications, especially with a high statistical and/or visualization content

- Participation in the further development and testing of new methods in the area of linguistic data modeling, e.g. in collaboration with other Leibniz Institutes such as WIAS, LIfBi, IPN und IWM

- Introduction of workflows for standard studies and analysis procedures based on ZAS needs


Position FODA24:  Task description for research data management / open science in linguistics (50%)

Open Science – understood as the opening of research, research methods, infrastructures and results – is an integral part of the implementation and safeguarding of good scientific practice in exchange with the scientific community and between science and the non-academic environment. Open practices promote the transparency, accessibility, reproducibility and reusability of scientific results and practices. The Leibniz Association and its member institutions support and help shape this development, currently particularly in the areas of open access, open and FAIR data, and citizen science. As a member of the Leibniz Association, the ZAS is already successfully implementing Open Science in many areas.

The person sought is responsible for coordinating and supporting Open Science measures including the identification, provision and sustainable reuse of research data at the ZAS. They are the central contact person for questions regarding research data management and thus relieve scientists of all issues relating to Open Science. They are driving the establishment of Open Science forward at the ZAS.
The role includes the following tasks:

- Development of a Research Data Management Strategy for the institute with the institute management and of guidelines for implementing the FAIR principles in accordance with the guidelines of the Leibniz Association and relevant third-party grant funding organizations and the standards applicable in linguistics

- Conception of structures and processes including handouts and templates for research data management at the ZAS

- Introduction of new services and tools in the area of research data management, e.g. tools for data management, data anonymization, documentation or electronic laboratory notebooks

- Individual advice for researchers as early as the planning phase of the studies and of third-party funded projects, for example when creating data management plans and on compliance with ethical and legal requirements

- Development of information and training materials as well as regular education and training on research data management for scientists and research support staff

- Representation of the ZAS on the topic of Open Science in its networking with other institutes of the Leibniz Association and also other research data initiatives such as Text+