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Start of project QUEST: Testing and application of curation criteria and quality standards for audiovisual annotated language data


The project QUEST - Quality - Established: Erprobung und Anwendung von Kurationskriterien und Qualitätsstandards für audiovisuelle, annotierte Sprachdaten investigates the potential for post-use and secondary use of audiovisual annotated language data in the humanities. Based on the development of quality standards and curation criteria for digital language data, quality assurance procedures for the creation and curation of such resources will be developed and tested. The QUEST project as a whole is divided into three main areas: "Quality standards", "Curation criteria" and "Quality assurance measures", which in turn are subdivided into individual work packages at four participating institutions. ZAS is working on two of the work packages of the subgoal "Curation Criteria": Kurationskriterien für sprachtypologische Sekundärnutzung (WP 2.1, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Manfred Krifka) and Kurationskriterien für Sekundärnutzung in der „Third Mission“ (WP 2.4, IDS and ZAS, under the direction of Dr. Thomas Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Manfred Krifka). Dr. Kilu von Prince and Dr. Sebastian Nordhoff are employed as researchers the QUEST subproject at ZAS.