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New publication: Report on the research year 2018


The annual report on the ZAS research year (in German) was published in mid-September. It contains a comprehensive overview of all activities of the year 2018 such as publications, talks, guests, events and other scientific activities. In addition, you will find three "impressions" on current research topics of our institute: What do we actually do when we whisper? Are the german words "dasselbe" and "das gleiche" actually the same? And what does linguistics do in view of the fact that every few weeks a language dies out? We present in interviews the head of our four research areas, let our doctoral and postdoctoral students speak, and report on our commitment to the International Linguistics Olympiad.

A printed version of the current annual report can be ordered here.

Previous issues of our annual reports can be found in the menu 'Publications' with the filter 'Series: Annual reports'.