Multilingual Societies, Multilingual Schools: Critical Perspectives on Language Ideologies in Educational Contexts

Speaker Janet Fuller
Affiliaton(s) Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Date 21.02.2021
Time 17:00 o'clock
Venue virtual

This presentation will challenge received wisdom about the role of education in socializing children into the mainstream culture, arguing that our aim should be to create inclusive spaces which foster the development of multilingual and multicultural competencies and the well-being of all learners. The focus is on the role of language in education, both as the medium of instruction and as the means through which ideologies about language are reproduced. It is only through a deeper understanding of the language ideologies in society, and the institutional practices which are based on them, that we can create more equitable educational opportunities.

Organizers: RUEG 2021 organising committee
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