AG 'Expressives and other kinds of non-truth-conditional meaning'.

Organizer(s) Daniel Gutzmann & Hans-Martin Gärtner
Workshop DGfS-Jahrestagung
Start of event 04.03.2009, 09.00 o'clock
End of event 06.03.2009, 14.00 o'clock
Venue U Osnabrück
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Mittwoch, 04. März 2009

14.00–14.30 Hans-Martin Gärtner / Daniel Gutzmann 
14.30–15.00  Sophia Döring 
Context shift in German discourse particles 
15.00–15.30  Elena Karagjosova 
Modal particles as speech act shaping devices 
15.30–16.00  Sophie Repp 
On the interplay of discourse particles and illocutionary negation 
16.00–16.30  Kaffeepause • Coffeebreak 
16.30–17.00  Maria Averintseva-Klisch 
Expressive meaning and the discourse structure: German right dislocation as a separate performative 
17.00–17.30  Sebastian Bücking / Jennifer Rau 
German non-inflectional constructions as separate performatives 
17.30–18.30  Eric McCready / Magdalena Schwager 

Donnerstag, 05. März 2009 

09.00–09.30  Elena Castroviejo Miró 
Semantic analysis of unexpectedness intonation 
09.30–10.00  Henk Zeevat 
Semantic consequences of mirativity 
10.00–10.30  Jörg Meibauer 
Only “nur”. Scare quoted focus particles at the semantics/pragmatics interface 
10.30–11.00  Mayumi Masuko 
Expressive meaning and the Gricean programme 
11.00–11.30  Kaffeepause • Coffeebreak 
11.30–13.00  Laurence Horn 
I love me some datives: Pronouns, expressive meaning, and F-implicature

Freitag, 06. März 2009 

11.30–12.30  Stefan Kaufmann 
On the projection of expressive presuppositions 
12.30–13.00  Sven Lauer 
The -ever in whatever: What, and how? 
13.00–13.30  Yasutada Sudo 
Biased polar questions and question particles in Japanese 
13.30–14.00  Hans-Martin Gärtner / Daniel Gutzmann