* 2006-04-26  * Josef Bayer (Konstanz): ‘Nothing’ / ‘nichts’ as Negative Polarity Survivors * Sigrid Beck (Tübingen): Positively Comparative * Manfred Bierwisch (Berlin): Luxury in Natural Language * Reinhard Blutner (Amsterdam): Save Memetics! * Peter Bosch (Osnabrück): What Sort of a Thing is Life? or *The Life is a Bitch * Greg Carlson (Rochester): Manfred Writes Lots of Articles * Gennaro Chierchia (Boston): A Puzzle About Reciprocals and Ontology  * Between  * Ariel Cohen (Beer Sheva): Why Ambiguity? * Michael Cysouw (Leipzig): The Asymmetry of Affixation * Paul Dekker (Amsterdam): Does Anybody Know Who Manfred is? * Rainer Dietrich (Berlin): Ein Ellipsen-Puzzle für Manfred * Johannes Dölling (Leipzig): Wie minimalistisch ist die lexikalische Semantik von Verben? * Laura Downing (Berlin): The Puzzle of Misleading Focus Clitic Position and Prosody  * 40  * Regine Eckardt (Göttingen): The Grammar of Things that Can Never Happen * Gisbert Fanselow (Potsdam): Unrealised Possibilities * Caroline Féry (Potsdam): Postponed ‘auch’: Where does its Accent Come From? * Hans-Martin Gärtner (Berlin): A Note on Infinitival Questions and Indefinite Pronouns  * and  * Bart Geurts (Nijmegen): Compositionality: the Real Problem * Alexander Grosu (Tel Aviv): An Amalgam and its Puzzles * Beáta Gyuris (Budapest): When Hungarian Word Order is Not So ‘Logical’ * Eva Hajičová & Petr Sgall (Prague): The Puzzle of the Three Foci * James Higginbotham (Los Angeles): The Simplest Hard Problem I Know * Wolfgang Hock (Berlin): Kann jede Anrede auch Anruf sein? * Helen de Hoop (Nijmegen): Why are Most Babies Born on a Tuesday? * Joachim Jacobs (Wuppertal): Ein kleines Skopus-Rätsel für Manfred  * 60  * Wolfgang Klein (Nijmegen): the * Marcus Kracht (Los Angeles): Wer dies (nicht) liest, ist doof  * Fred Landman (Tel Aviv): Long Paths and Short Paths: A Puzzle for Manfred * Beth Levin (Stanford) & Malka Rappaport Hovav (Jerusalem): Constraints on the Complexity of Verb Meaning and VP Structure * Uwe Mönnich (Tübingen): Tupel vs. Makros * Barbara Partee (Amherst): Do We Need Two Basic Types?  * Puzzles  * Christopher Piñón (Budapest): Modal Adverbs * Marga Reis (Tübingen): Gibt es interrogative VPs? Zu einem ungelösten Pied-Piping-Rätsel des Deutschen * Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam): Some Questions on Semantic Universals * Susan Rothstein (Ramat Gan): Telicity at the Dinner Table: Do I have to eat it all? * Joachim Sabel (Louvain): A Relative Clause Puzzle * Douglas Saddy (Potsdam): Quantification Therapy? * Rob van der Sandt (Nijmegen): A Puzzle about Accommodation * Uli Sauerland (Berlin): Decomposing Question Acts  * for  * Wolfgang Sternefeld (Tübingen): Do Free Relative Clauses Have Quantificational Force? * Barbara Stiebels (Berlin): Ill-Mannered Adverbs of Manner? The Case of Jakaltek and Mam * Tonjes Veenstra (Berlin): On Typological Correlates and Pure Syntax: Evidence from Expletives in Romance-based Creoles * Stephen Wechsler (Austin): Why are the Lazy so Agreeable? * Dieter Wunderlich (Berlin, Düsseldorf): What Forced Syntax to Emerge? * Thomas Ede Zimmermann (Frankfurt): Quaint ‘Paint’  * Krifka


* edited by Hans-Martin Gärtner, Sigrid Beck, Regine Eckardt, Renate Musan & Barbara Stiebels

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