Selection process

Conditions of participation: All students from schools in Germany who have not yet enrolled for studies and are at least 14 years and less than 20 years old on the opening day of the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) are eligible to participate.The tasks do not require any prior technical knowledge. Fun with recognizing patterns and non-decimal number systems and an interest in foreign languages is of benefit.

Registration:The online test of the first round will be activated usually in February. Students can register themselves at any time during the participation period directly via the activated form. All they need is a valid e-mail address. They can start immediately with the tasks. Prior registration is not necessary.

Procedure: The National Linguistics Olympiad and thereby the selection of the German team for the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) takes place in three rounds:

1) The first round is an online test. Participation period includes usually a couple of weeks in February. The highest-scoring participants of the first round qualify for the second round.

2) The second round is also an online round with more extensive and challenging tasks. It is usually running for a couple of weeks in March.

3) The 10 best candidates of the second round will be invited to Berlin. (if face-to-face round is possible, otherwise the round will also take place online). There, a joint training and the final national round will take place. The date is usually some weekend in later May.

The four most successful participants will constitute the German national team and will travel to the International Linguistics Olympiad together with a supervisor from our team. In 2021, we were happy to send two teams.