Language Documentation and Archiving

The Research Theme Language Documentation and Archiving is based on previous and ongoing research involving language documentation.

The German/French cooperation project DoReCo - Cross-linguistic phonetics and morphology using a time-aligned multilingual reference corpus built from documentations of 50 languages: Big data on small languages funded by DFG and ANR oncross-linguistic phonetics and morphology using time-aligned corpora in 50 languages is a proof-of-concept for the development of reference corpora in small languages (Seifart, Krifka, close cooperation with Fuchs; Paschen as researcher). The participation of ZAS in the BMBF cooperation project QUEST Quality - Established: Testing and application of curation criteria and quality standards for audiovisual annotated language data on developing curation standards for audiovisual corpora of small languages (Krifka, Seifart, Seyfeddinipur) with universities of Hamburg and Cologne and IDS Mannheim is designed to lead to corpora that are easily usable for linguistics and beyond, e.g. for museums and for the speakers of small language communities. Within the CRC 'Register' there is the project Speaker's choices in creole contexts: Bislama and Morisien (Krifka and Veenstra) that involves documentation of two creole languages, Morisien in Mauritius and Bislama in Vanuatu.