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Speaker's choices in creole contexts: Bislama and Morisien (CRC 1412-Register A02)

A02 is a subproject in area A "Register and Grammar" of the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 1412 “Register”: Language Users’ Knowledge of Situational-Functional Variation.

The project A02 investigates situation-specific individual linguistic variation and its contribution to the expression of social meaning in creole language communities. It deals with Bislama, an English-based creole spoken in Vanuatu and Kreol Morisien, a French-based creole spoken in Mauritius. Inspired by the speaker-centered approach of the CRC, the project will focus on the creativity of individual speakers and employ novel experimental techniques. It will relate situational and social meaning aspects with particular linguistic features and will also be concerned with the formation of new registers in spoken and written language.