Phonetics laboratory

In the phonetics laboratory of the ZAS phonetic experiments, acoustic recordings, investigations and analyses are performed. The staff of the Laboratory Phonology Research Unit and the other FBs, students and scientists of associated institutions use the laboratory for speech-acoustic analyses of their data collected during field research, respiration measurements and speech recordings in the soundproofed recording room. more >


Psycholinguistics laboratory

The Laboratory for Psycholinguistics at ZAS has emerged from an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to investigate language production, perception and acquisition on the basis of linguistic theories and modern experimental methods. For example, reaction and reading times are measured or gaze and mouse movements are recorded. more >

Motion capture laboratory

The ZAS Motion Capture Laboratory is investigating the influence of movement on speech, speech rhythm and retention performance. Among other things, it enables the staff of the Laboratory Phonology research unit to investigate the alignment of speech and speech-accompanying gestures as an additional visual channel in speech. more >