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Ivanete da Hora Sampaio

Doctoral Researcher
Schützenstr. 18
D-10117 Berlin

Ivanete da Hora Sampaio is a CAPES PrInt fellow in the Research Area 2 Language Development & Multilingualism at ZAS and a PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Language and Culture at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in Brazil.

Her doctoral research focuses on the field of Applied Linguistics. Her research focuses on the teaching and learning of the German language in Bahia from a decolonial and intercultural perspective: How can learning this "language-culture" bring the culture from Bahia and the German culture closer together and contribute to the emancipation of the people there and promote language acquisition? Through her project, Ivanete da Hora Sampaio will also support the promotion of multilingualism and heritage languages in Brazil.

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