Dr. Tonjes Veenstra

Senior Researcher
Schützenstraße 18
10117 Berlin
Room: 430
Phone: +49 30 20192 567

Dr. Tonjes Veenstra is a senior researcher in the DFG Project A02 Speaker's choices in creole contexts: Bislama and Morisien within the framework of the CRC 1412 Register: Language-Users’ Knowledge of Situational-Functional Variation / Research Area 3 'Syntax & Lexicon'.

He is a founding member of the European Network on creole languages (SEEPiCLA) and president of the International Association for Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics (IACPL).

Veenstra's research, which is based on extensive field research in Creole societies, focuses on linguistic theory, in particular the syntax-morphology interface and sociolinguistic modelling of language variation, language contact and language change. His current research is dedicated to the preservation of biocultural diversity in postcolonial societies.

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