Dr. Tue Trinh

Presentations & Poster

Ignorance, Introspection, and Epistemic Modals

Crnic, Luka & Tue Trinh

SALT 30 (postponed to 17.08. - 20.08.2020 and virtual)

23.04.2020 - 26.04.2020

Cornell University, Ithaca

A puzzle about free choice and negative bias

Trinh, Tue

From T to C: The Grammatical Representatino of Tense and Speech Acts

15.01.2020 - 16.01.2020

Hanoi, Vietnam

Của người và mèo: Ngữ pháp tạo sinh và sự thay đổi nhãn quan trong cách nghiêncứu ngôn ngữ tự nhiên

Trinh, Tue

Viện Văn học



Generative Grammar and the Paradigm Shift in the Study of Natural Language

Trinh, Tue


Institute of Literature, Hanoi

Rule I and Speech Act Representation

Trinh, Tue

SPAGAD-1: Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse: Syntactic and Semantic Modelling

30.10.2019 - 01.11.2019

ZAS, Berlin

A more inclusive theory of numerals

Haida, Andreas & Tue Trinh

SinFonIJA 12

12.09.2019 - 14.09.2019

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


Being and Time in Grammatical Theory

Trinh, Tue

Tense and Modality in Vietnamese


Vietnam Institute of Linguistics, Hanoi, Vietnam

The participant pronoun restriction: English and Vietnamese

Trinh, Tue & Hubert Truckenbrodt

The 5th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science, Workshop Modern Linguistics

23.11.2018 – 24.11.2018

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam