Dr. John M. Tomlinson

Presentations & Poster at ZAS

Staff talk

When do turn-taking gaps become meaningful?

Tomlinson, Jr., John Michael & Ina Baier

XPRAG.it 2019


University of Cagliari

Staff talk

Acoustic cues of prosodic phrase boundaries in German at different speech rates

Żygis, Marzena, John M. Tomlinson, Caterina Petrone & Dominik Pfütze

19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences

05.08.2019 - 09.08.2019


Staff poster talk

When are gaps understood as symptoms or signals?

Tomlinson, Jr., John Michael & Ina Baier

CUNY 2019: 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing


University of Colorado


Staff talk

What turn-taking gaps say about implicature processing

Tomlinson, John Michael

Xprag.it 2018

30.05.2018 - 01.06.2018


Staff poster talk

Be timely: how turn-taking gaps constrain the integration of alternatives in implicatures

Tomlinson, John Michael

CUNY conference on human language processing

15.03.2018 - 17.03.2018

Davis, California

Staff poster talk

Accomadating QUDs in turn-taking

Tomlinson Jr., John

DETEC 2017

26.06.2017 - 27.06.2017


Staff poster talk

Pragmatic inferences towards prototypical meanings: a visual world study

Panizza, D. & John Tomlinson Jr.

XPrag 2017

21.06.2017 - 23.06.2017


Staff talk

Conjunctive Disjunction: A Japanese Counterexample to Grice s Nondetachability

Sauerland, Uli, Ayaka Tamura, Masatoshi Koizumi & John M. Tomlinson

XPrag.de annual meeting

20.06.2016 - 21.06.2016

Tübingen U


Staff talk

A conjunctive disjunction in Japanese

Sauerland, Uli, Ayaka Tamura, Masatoshi Koizumi & John M. Tomlinson


05.04.2016 - 07.04.2016

Göttingen U


Staff talk

Lack of commitment: how prosody allows speakers to implicate and constrain the derivation of pragmatic inferences

Tomlinson, Jr. John M.

Satellite workshop at TIE2016: The role of prosody in conveying epistemic and evidential meaning


University of Kent

Staff talk

Tracking down disjunction

Sauerland, Uli, Ayaka Tamura, Masatoshi Koizumi & John M. Tomlinson

Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 12

15.11.2015 - 17.11.2015

Ochanomizu U, Tokyo, Japan


Staff talk

Ignorant before exhaustive: Mouse-tracking inferences from under-informative partial answers

Tomlinson, J. M., Jr. & Camillo Rondriguez-Ronderso

Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP 2015)

03.09.2015 - 05.09.2015

Valletta, Malta

Staff poster talk

The mechanisms underyling different types of (exhaustive) inferences

Gotzner, Nicole, John Tomlinson & Katharina Spalek

Poster, CUNY 2015

19.03.2015 - 21.03.2015


Staff talk

Embodied Models

Sauerland, Uli & John Tomlinson

Workshop Models in Formal Semantics and Pragmatics

18.08.2014 - 22.08.2014

ESSLLI 2014, U Tübingen

Staff talk

Scales of Cognition Evident in Action

O’Hora, D., Duran, N.D., Dale, R., Freeman, J. B., Tomlinson, Jr, J.M.

Symposium at 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society



Staff talk

How intonation constrains pragmatic inferences

Tomlinson, Jr, J.M. & Lewis Bott

7th biennial conference on Experimental Pragmatics


Utrecht, Niederlande

Staff talk

Basic meanings before pragmatic: Mouse-tracking scalar implicature

Tomlinson, Jr., John Michael, L. A. Bott & T. Bailey

Talk given at the 6th biennial conference on Experimental Pragmatics


Barcelona, Spanien

Staff talk

Varieties of Lexical Adjustment

Tomlinson, Jr. J. M., Assimakopolous, S., Bott, L. A.

Talk given at the second EURO-XPRAG workshop


Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italien