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Introducing the new ZAS-Fellow Judy Kupersmitt


Dr. Judy Kupersmitt will join FB2 as a fellow in April and May 2022. Judy is a senior lecturer at the Department of Communication Disorders at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem. Her research focuses on narrative discourse from early childhood until adulthood in monolingual and bilingual populations with typical language development and developmental disorders. Specifically, she investigates processes at the intersection between linguistic, socio-cognitive and emotional abilities in the development of narrative discourse. This includes temporality, causal relations, cognitive aspects of narrative production, and theory of mind. Her collaboration with the ZAS research area of Language Development & Multilingualism concerns the assessment of narrative abilities in monolingual and multilingual children. Joint research will focus new methodologies to assess these abilities from a-form-function perspective. This includes investigation of various domains of knowledge involved in the development of narrative abilities in childhood, such as temporality, motion, and causality as well as the impact of language typology, communicative context, and social-cultural practices.