Towards a computational model of sequence organization in talk-in-interaction: the adjacency pair

Speaker Schmitt, Marvin
Date 18.11.2021
Time 14:15 o'clock
Venue ZAS & HU (see below)


We will outline a computational model of sequence organization in-talk-in-interaction by sketching a computational model of adjacency pairs. Adjacency pairs are minimal sequences consisting of two utterances that are usually adjacently placed. Examples are question-answer, request-accept/decline, offer-accept/reject, and many other forms of exchanges.
The concept has its roots in Conversation Analysis and addresses questions pertaining to the organization of conversation. The model sketch is based on event calculus, logic programming and data base theory (thus "computational''). 


This is a joint HU/ZAS event: the venue is the Empirical English Linguistics colloquium at the HU, but all may participate via Zoom (link below), and we will additionally do a "public viewing" in the ZAS Seminarraum (Room 403).