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DoReCo Inauguration Ceremony

Organizer(s) Frank Seifart, Ludger Paschen, Matthew Stave (DDL, Lyon), François Pellegrino (DDL, Lyon), Manfred Krifka & Susanne Fuchs
Start of event 29.07.2022, 15.30 o'clock
End of event 29.07.2022, 17.30 o'clock
Venue Hybrid
Link to DoReCo website


At this event, we inaugurate the DoReCo data base consisting of time-aligned, morphologically annotated spoken language corpora from 50 mostly small and often endangered languages. This data base is the outcome of a French-German collaborative project (2019-2022) that builds this resource for cross-linguistic research on phonetic durations and on information rates and now makes it publicly available for other research.


  • 3:00 PM Admission
  • 3:30 PM Welcome by Manfred Krifka, short contributions by DoReCo PIs and PostDocs
  • 4:00 PM Keynote by Evangelia Adamou
  • 4:30 PM DoReCo contributors introduce themselves
  • 5:15 PM DoReCo database goes online
  • 5:30 PM Reception


For online or on-site attendance registration is required. Please register by July 22 at https://forms.office.com/r/V3RT5FSFLF

Attendance is free.