SPAGAD-1 Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse: Syntactic and Semantic Modeling

Organizer(s)Manfred Krifka, Friederike Buch, Marvin Schmitt, Tue Trinh, Hubert Truckenbrodt
Start of event 30.10.2019, 00.00 o'clock
End of event 01.11.2019, 00.00 o'clock
Venue ZAS, Schützenstr. Trajekte-Raum, 3rd floor

The Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) in Berlin,, organizes a three-day workshop on speech acts, October 30 – November 1, 2019. The workshop is funded by the ERC Project SPAGAD – Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse. We would like to invite papers that discuss syntactic, semantic and pragmatic phenomena that are relevant for the way how speech acts should be represented in syntax or modeled in semantics. We are interested in different types of speech acts (assertions, questions, declarations, commands, promises, optatives, exclamatives, expressives etc.) in different languages, as well as categories like epistemic and evidential modality, affirmative expressions and other speech-act adverbials. Indirect speech acts and the relation of speech acts to discourse phenomena are not the main focus of the current workshop.

Program committee at ZAS:

Manfred Krifka, Friederike Buch, Marvin Schmitt, Tue Trinh, Hubert Truckenbrodt

Contact:, subject line: SPAGAD-1

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