How to design and implement an auditory masked priming experiment

Organizer(s) Andy Wedel and Adam Ussishkin (U of Arizona)
Start of event 29.05.2015, 09.00 o'clock
End of event 29.05.2015, 17.00 o'clock
Venue ZAS

In this workshop, I will provide background and details on a relatively new technique used in psycholinguistic experiments on auditory word recognition called "Auditory Masked Priming". This technique was originally reported in Kouider and Dupoux (2005), and since then, my lab has used it for our research, primarily to investigate the extent to which phonological and morphological factors influence auditory word recognition. This technique enables us to subliminally prime an auditory target by durationally compressing and masking the prime, with the result that listeners are not consciously aware of the prime. The benefit of this technique is that it allows us to study priming without a memory component, in the same spirit as the visual masked priming technique of Forster and Davis (1984) for visual word recognition. In this workshop, I'll review my own work using the auditory masked priming technique, and I'll provide participants a hands-on opportunity to learn how to create stimuli using this technique. Please be sure to being a wi-fi enabled laptop, and please ensure that you have the most recent version of Praat installed. It may also be useful to bring your own headphones.