Sabbatical/Senior ZAS Fellowships in Semantics and Pragmatics

The fellowship regulations of the Berlin Advanced Institutes in the Humanities (GWZ e.V.) apply, which include the following rules: the fellowship award is a 2000€/month (plus 200€/month childcare allowance for fellows coming with children). The fellowship is not subject to tax in Germany and does not provide public health insurance, but fellows are required to submit evidence of sufficient health insurance at the onset of their fellowship. Fellows are expected to work exclusively on their fellowship except for up to 10 hours of work research or teaching at a university or up to 5 hours of other work per week.  Fellows are required to take up residency in Berlin for the full duration of the fellowship. The fellows' travel from their permanent residence to and from Berlin can be reimbursed in accordance with German travel reimbursement law.

Fellows are expected to contribute to the Semantics-Pragmatics group in the following ways:
- actively enrich and broaden the research environment
- contribute to ongoing research projects in research area 4
- engage especially with younger researchers in the group
- increase the research quality and output of the group

Interested researchers should send an application letter of up to two pages PDF that clearly indicates the planned period of the residency, the expected travel reimbursement required, and whether children will accompany the fellow. Their residency plan in the application letter should describe the research planned while at ZAS. It should indentify synergies with ongoing research in the group and ideally specify agreed upon collaborations with researchers of the ZAS group.  In addition, a two-page CV should be included, preferably appended in the same PDF.  The CV must show the fellow's current employment status and recent publications.  Applications should be sent by email to by April 1st, 2021. Fellowships can start June 1st, 2021 or later in 2021.