Senior ZAS Fellowships in Language Development and Multilingualism


The duration of each fellowship is from one to six months (the end of the fellowship is December 2021, the begin: June or later). Successful applicants will work in research area two on one of the topics (including but not restricted to) narrative discourse, heritage language(s), bilingual language assessment (for more information on “Language Development and Multilingualism” see Psycholinguistic lab at ZAS provides an opportunity to work with an eye-tracker. Successful fellows are expected to be an integral part of research area for the period of the fellowships.

The fellowship regulations of the Berlin Advanced Institutes in the Humanities (GWZ e.V.) apply, which include the following rules:

  • The amount of the scholarship is 2000,-Euro (plus 200€/month childcare allowance)
  • The fellowship is not subject to tax in Germany and does not provide public health insurance, but fellows are required to submit evidence of sufficient health insurance at the onset of their fellowship
  • Fellows are expected to work exclusively on their fellowship except for up to 10 hours per week of research or teaching at a university or up to 5 hours of other work per week
  • Fellows are required to take up residency in Berlin for the full duration of the fellowship. 

The fellows' travel from their permanent residence to and from Berlin can be reimbursed in accordance with German travel reimbursement law.


Application should include the plan of the activities for the anticipated duration of stay, CV including the fellow's current employment and up to twelve publications. The application is not to exceed 4 single-spaced pages written in 12-point font.

Application Deadline extended: 09-Apr-2021

Email Address for Applications:

Contact Information: Natalia Gagarina