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Dr. Andreea Nicolae

Vorträge vor der Zeit am ZAS

Positive polarity and strength of scalar implicatures. Ling Lunch. October 2014, MIT.
Exhaustivity and NPI licensing in wh-questions. Questions in Discourse Workshop. September 2014, Göttingen University.
VP Ellipsis without Parallel Binding: Towards a QUD approach. SALT 24. June 2014, New York University. [with P. Elliott and Y. Sudo]
Polarity and exhaustivity in questions. February 2014, Indiana University; January 2014, Rutgers University.
Am I right or wrong? Where do disjunctive questions come from? January 2014, Rutgers University.

NPIs in strongly exhaustive and disjunctive questions. NELS 44. October 2013, University of Connecticut.
Encoding strength of exhaustivity within the question nucleus. SuB 18. September 2013, University of the Basque Country.

An alternative account of the distribution of NPIs in interrogatives. NELS 43. October 2012, CUNY Graduate Center.
Even weak quantifiers can cause intervention. IATL 28. October 2012, Tel-Aviv University.
An alternative account of the distribution of NPIs in interrogatives. LFRG. September 2012, MIT.

Saturating Syntax: Linkers and Modification in Tagalog. MDF2011. December 2011, CCHC-CSIC in Madrid. [with G. Scontras]
An alternative account of Positive Polarity. Semantics Group. October 2011, New York University.
An alternative–based account of Positive Polarity. SuB 16. September 2011, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics.
An alternative–based account of Positive Polarity. SNEWS. April 2011, University of Connecticut.
A constraint on ACD resolution. ECO5. April 2011, MIT. [with G. Scontras and Y. Sudo]
Simplifying semantic composition: Evidence from Tagalog. AFLA 18. March 2011, Harvard University. [with G. Scontras]

The Syntax and Semantics of Genus–Specie Splits in German. CGSW 25. June 2010, University of Tromsø. [with D. Ott]
What Austronesian tells us about who. AFLA 17. May 2010, Stony Brook University. [with G. Scontras]
The Syntax and Semantics of Genus–Species Splits in German. CLS 46. April 2010, University of Chicago. [with D. Ott]
Genus–Species Splits in German. ECO5. March 2010, Harvard University. [with D. Ott]

The Ambiguous Almost. Console XVIII. December 2009, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
The Phonetics & Phonology of Fricative Non–neutralization in Turkish. NELS 40. November 2009, MIT. [with A. Nevins]

Semantic Enrichment as means of disambiguating Almost VP constructions. Language and Cognition Seminar. Nov 2008, Harvard University.