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Dr. Itai Bassi

Publikationen vor der Zeit am ZAS


  • (Linguistic Inquiry) Against ‘Tanglewood’ by Focus Movement: A Reply to Erlewine & Kotek 2018 (with Nicholas Longenbaugh). <link>


  • 2017. A Unified Existential Semantics for Bare Conditionals (with Moshe E. Bar-Lev). In Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. <link>
  • 2018. Equational-Intensional Relative Clauses with Syntactic Reconstruction (with Ezer Rasin). In Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22. <link>
  • 2018. Features on Bound Pronouns: An Argument Against Syntactic Agreement (with Nicholas Longenbaugh). In Proceedings of the 48th annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 48). <link>
  • 2019. Fake Indexicals and Their Sensitivity to Focus. In Proceedings of the 49th annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 49). <link>
  • (Expected) Composing CPs: Evidence from Disjunction and Conjunction (with Tanya Bondarenko). Expected in Proceedings of SALT 30. <abstract>, <slides>
  • (Expected) Ellipsis Remnants at the syntax-prosody interface (with Justin Colley). Expected in Proceedings of GLOW 43. <handout>

Manuskripte in Vorbereitung

  • (In prep. for a special issue in Glossa) A Theory of Fake Indexicals without Feature Transmission.
  • Presuppositional Exhaustification (with Guillermo del Pinal and Uli Sauerland). <link to current version>
  • Relativized Anaphor Agreement Effect (with Rafael Abramovitz). <link> to handout

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