Probabilistic Language Understanding: Exploring the Rational Speech Act modeling framework

Vortragende(r) Gregory Scontras
Institution(en) UC Irvine
Datum 22.09.2021
Uhrzeit 10:15 Uhr

Kick-off lecture of a series

This series of interactive lectures serves an a practical introduction to and exploration of the Rational Speech Act modeling framework. Little is presupposed beyond a willingness to explore recent progress in formal, implementable models of language understanding. Through hands-on practice deconstructing web-based language models, participants will master the basics of the modeling framework. In the introductory session, we will consider the general program of modeling language understanding as probabilistic inference, exploring the reference game model from Frank & Goodman 2012 and the scalar implicature model from Goodman & Stuhlmüller 2013.

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