Psycholinguistikzirkel: German non-canonical sentence processing in monolingual and simultaneous bilingual children: The role of cross-linguistic influence and executive control

Vortragende(r) Chiara Boila
Institution(en) Universität Potsdam & Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Datum 28.11.2019
Uhrzeit 16:00 Uhr
Ort 4. Etage, Raum 403 (Seminarraum)

In this talk I present German sentence processing by monolingual (L1) and German-Italian simultaneous bilingual (2L1) children based on eye-tracking data. The first study investigates processing of German long passive sentences by four-year-olds, while the second processing of German OVS sentences by five-year-olds. We will take into account the role of cross-linguistic differences between German and Italian, which differs across the two investigated structures (Italian and German behave the same, as far as passive sentences – but not OVS sentences – are concerned). Furthermore, we will consider the effects of grammar and vocabulary development, executive control and input factors in both languages.