Prosody in speech signal, perception and gestures

Organisator(en) Zygis, Marzena & Stefanie Jannedy
Workshop/Tagung Virtual GLOW 43
Veranstaltungsbeginn 08.04.2020, 00.00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsende 20.04.2020, 00.00 Uhr
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Call for Papers

Prosody plays a critical role in communication of all types. First, by structuring speech flow, it helps to identify the boundaries of words and sentences, thereby making a vital contribution to speech comprehension. Furthermore, by means of prosodic cues, speakers are not only able to produce the intended sentence type, e.g. question or statement, but they can also highlight the most important piece of information in a given phrase. Individual characteristics of speakers’ emotions, attitudes or intentions are also encoded in prosodic cues (Ladd 1996) which are not only acoustic but also gestural. However, even though there is voluminous evidence that visual signals including oro-facial expressions (Krahmer & Swerts 2007), head movement (Cvejic et al. 2010) and hand gestures (Guellaï, Langus & Nespor 2014) contribute essentially to the execution of prosody, the exact nature of the gestural-acoustic relationship is far from being well understood (see also Wagner et al. 2014 for an overview). Similarly, our understanding of articulatory gestures and their role in executing prosody is still very limited.

This workshop sets out to further explore the complex nature of prosody from a multivariate perspective. We invite papers revealing the role it plays in:

    • language systems at different levels, e.g. syllable, prosodic word, phrase, utterance;
    • language acquisition, bi- and multilingualism, language interference and code switching;
    • sign language;
    • sociolinguistics (social markers, identity, sociolects).

Of particular interest are experimentally oriented studies.

Please submit abstracts via the Workshop's EasyChair page no later than November 1st, 2019, 23:59 Berlin time.